The Meaning Behind Your Birth Month Flower

The Meaning Behind Your Birth Month Flower


Just like you have a birth stone for the month you were born in, you also have a birth flower!


In the Victorian era, flowers meant specific things. Sending an apple blossom to your sweetheart meant you “preferred” them while sending them a yellow carnation was the equivalent of rejecting them via text. Imagine getting a flower that meant “thank u, next” back then! The meaning of flowers was important, and while their language is less important today, it’s still fascinating to learn.


Curious about what the meaning of yours or another’s birth month flower is? Or are you wanting to get a special present for a honey or someone with a new baby? Read below to discover each month’s birth flower and its special meaning!



Carnation and Snowdrop

Carnations are bright adorable flowers that are also hardy enough to bloom in cold weather. White, red, and pink carnations mean purity, luck, admiration, or love and look gorgeous in full bouquets.


Snowdrops can also handle the chilly weather and cover wide patches of ground, but in bouquets, they look like spring is just around the corner.  With their green stems and white drooping heads, snowdrops symbolize hope and rebirth.



Violet and Primrose

While you might expect a deep red rose to be the birth flower for February, the flowers of choice are actually purple violets and yellow primroses!


Violets symbolize faithfulness and virtue. In the Victorian era, a floral arrangement of violets given to a lady was a symbol of the suitor’s unending affections.


Primroses mean love, and despite being such a pretty little flower, they’re also edible!




With spring on the horizon and its cheery color, the daffodil is the perfect flower for this month. These sunshine blossoms represent luck and prosperity as well as love.



Daisy and Sweet Pea

While daisies may come in nearly every shade, those white petaled beauties signify youth and chastity.


Sweet peas are cultivated often for their sweet scent, but in the language of flowers, they symbolize blissful pleasure! Not a bad meaning for the month you were born in, right?



Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley

The delicate white-petaled hawthorn flower signifies all types of love, whether platonic, familial, or romantic.


If you’re a mom or your mom was born in the month of May, the Lily of the Valley is the perfect flower for you or her! It signifies motherhood as well as sweetness.



Rose and Honeysuckle

With over 150 types of roses, each color has its own meaning, ranging from friendship (yellow) to romantic love (red). As fresh flowers in a bouquet, they’re always stunning!


Honeysuckle, with its tiny white blossoms and sweet taste, is the perfect flower for summer. It signifies happiness!


Larkspur and Water Lily

Larkspurs come in the spirited colors of rich purple and pink as well as white. They most often mean positivity and love.


Water lilies float on top of ponds and lakes. Their blossoms only last about four days, so they stand out as being ephemeral. They symbolize rebirth.



Gladiolus and Poppy

The Gladiolus has a tube-shaped blossom that ranges in color from red to white. It symbolizes faithfulness and sincerity.


Most people are familiar with the bright red color of the poppy. It means both remembrance and imagination.


Aster and Morning Glory

As summer wanes and fall nears, the Aster stands out as a quiet flower. It can come in colors of modest lilac to red, and it means love as well as wisdom.


The morning glory, with its stunning petals opening at dawn and dying at the end of that same day, symbolizes love and mortality.


Marigold and Cosmos

The same color as autumn leaves, Marigolds are vibrant show-stopping flowers. They symbolize passionate love and creativity.


Cosmos flowers symbolize peace and also come in beautiful shadows of orange and pink.



Even though November signals the tail-end of fall and the coming of winter, mums come in every shade possible: from cheerful pink to fall-friendly burgundy. Mums have different meanings depending on which color, but the most common meanings are faithfulness and truthfulness.


Narcissus and Holly

As the end of the year comes, the Narcissus flower with its trumpet-mouthed center, is a perfect symbol; it means good wishes and hope.


Since holly is such a popular plant around Christmas, it’s the perfect plant for this birth month. It symbolizes protection and looks great as a wreath!